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New System Orientation Training Published date: 3-5 May, 2014

NRCTP III phase launched region based accounting system operated through independent regional offices with regional coordinators and newly hired regional program officers. These new regional program officers need to be oriented about the accounting system of NRCTP so that they can work independently. Along with the program officers, the National Resource Persons also needs to be trained to enable them to keep records of programs and finances in Cash book as the National Resource Persons are responsible to keep records of programs and financial transactions such as remuneration of local facilitators, payment for office rent, stationary, communication etc. Regarding the necessity of the situation, the 3 days' long "New System Orientation Training" has been organized and this report has been prepared based on the proceedings and achievements of the training.

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Central Project Team/NRP/CLT Joint Consultation Workshop Bhaktapur Published date: August 15 & 16, 2013

The Central Project Team/NRP/CLT joint consultation workshop was held on 15-16 Aug, 2013 at Agricultural Development Bank Training Center, Bode Bhaktapur. The consultation workshop was organized mainly for the consultation on preparation of administrative and financial rules because these rules are essential for smooth run of the organization as well as project.

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