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Perunge and Suryamod Perunge

In 1996, Perunge community forestry of NasikasthanVDC Kavre district was handed over to users group on the basis of Forest Act 1993 and Forest Regulation 1995. District forest office Kavre had already provided certificate of registration in 1996. Likewise in 1998, district forest office Bhaktapur handovered Suryamod Perunge community forestry to the users. In 1999, during re-inventory of CF boundary it was found that, 10 ha forest area of western part was overlapped. People said that, district forest offices of both Kavre and Bhaktapur district didn’t follow the necessary steps during community forestry hand over and some mistakes while surveying forest boundary as well as communication gap between both district forest offices caused this boundary conflict. The main reasons of conflicts were four water sources and one pasture land because they are within this overlapped area.

View PDF Boundary dispute of Seti Devi Community Forest Users Group; Bhaktapur

The District Forest office, Bhaktapur, handed over the Seti Devi Community Forest in 39.20 hectares of land, also including these areas, to the community on July 13, 1997 as per the demand of locals in Sipadol-3. The local Tamangs and Lamas continued to use Ghyampdada for burial even though it was started to be conserved as a community forest thereby negatively affecting conservation efforts. The Buddhist Tamang and Lama communities took a decision to construct a monastery in the area in 2001/2002 and laid the foundation stone for Tasi Kunsaling Monastery in the land adjoining the school resuting in a big dispute between the school and monastery committees almost leading to fistfight. Similarly, construction of a drinking water tank at the place where foundation for the monastery was laid turned it into a triangular dispute resulting in repeated disputes. Animosity among the locals of Sipadol-3 and Gundu-3 escalated resulting in a break in communication after the locals of Gundu constructed taps, houses, pigsties and septic tanks encroaching the Seti Devi Community Forest. Ghyampedada has become a barren hill due to uncontrolled and injudicious use of forest products of the community forest by the locals of Gundu-3.

View PDF Water Distribution Conflict of Rajbandhawa Irrigation Project, Kailali

Locals used to know Rajbandhawa Irrigation Project by the name of Baurahawa Kuluwa since 1976. The Chaudhary community here has been irrigating their field with this canal by blocking the source of water with grass and leaves. They had this spirit of working as a group as there was majority of Tharus during that time. They used to utilize the water every year in that manner. They used to take turn in use of water as everybody used to work collectively. But there were still disputes from time to time due to lack of adequate water. Mallas used to rule that area and they used to be addressed as king. The name of Baurahawa canal became Rajbandhawa as the Mallas were called king.

This project was included as a proposed project after filling request form at the District Irrigation Office under leadership of Dipendra Shahi in 1996. Shahi quit the post of president refusing to occupy dual positions once he became member of the District Development Committee in 1997. Man Bahadur Malla was then made the president. Contract process for the project was done in 1999 under leadership of Malla. Dam of the canal was constructed in 2000 and 2001. The canal became deeper due to construction of the dam and supplying water to the field became difficult as a result. The consumers also did not allow constructon of the canal due to failure of supplyimg water and the project failed.

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