S. No Region District Name of Conflict Theme Address No. of Parties
1 West Kanchanpur Boundary Conflict Between Janachetana CFUG and Baijanath Madhyawarti CFUG Forest Daijee-6&7
2 West Kanchanpur Conflict Regarding Land Used for Nursery Between Jyoti and Jamuna womens’ Group Land Daijee-03
3 West Kanchanpur Conflict Regarding Capturing Forest Land by Flood Victims Forest/Land Udaypur, Belauri
4 West Kailali Land Capture Conflict Between Jagdambike Bhagwati Secondary School and Freed Kamaiya Land Dododhara-01
5 West Dadeldhura Land Encroachment of Purnapur Community forest by Farmers Forest/Land Jogbudha-01
6 West Dadeldhura Conflict Regarding Exclusion of Users of Gunpaal community in forming Timalkatte Tunsuni Community forest Forest Bhadrapur- 4 and 5
7 West Doti Conflict Regarding Either to Divide or Not to Devide the Area of Bramandi Community Forestry Forest Ladagada VDC
8 West Bardiya Forest Boundary Conflict between Shreebasant CFUG and Balganga CFUG Forest Rajapur-9
9 West Banke Land Encroachment of Babhanpurvaa CF by landless Forest/Land Kamdi-07
10 West Banke Ploughing in the Forest Area of Jhora CF by Landless People Forest Betahani VDC
11 Mid Sindhupalchok Restriction on Land Registration Land Ramche VDC-3
12 Mid Sindhupalchok Lack of Transparency in Dividend Sharing and Use of forest Resource of Golme Ainselukhark CF Forest Thumpakhar-7
13 Mid Sindhupalchok Restriction in Sallaghari CF Registration Forest Thumpakhar-4
14 Mid Kavre Discord in Kafalpani Community Forest Registration Forest Dolalghat VDC- 4, 5 and 8/ Sathighar VDC-6
15 Mid Kavre Land Encroachment of Gothchaur Community Forest Forest/Land Gairi bisauna Deupur VDC-9
16 Mid Kavre Conflict about Water Resource Utilization between Jamunbot CFUG and Timalsina Village Water and Sanitation Project Water Jaisithok-9
17 Mid Kavre Land Use Conflict of Patne Bhanjyang CFUG Land Dhungkharka-7
18 Mid Dolakha Boundary Conflict Between Shoti Kali Pokhari Community forest and its Users Forest Suna khani VDC, ward no. 1
19 Mid Bhaktapur Conflict Regarding Inclusive Representation in Anantalingeswor CFUG Forest Dadhikot-4
20 Mid Bhaktapur Boundary Conflict Between Balkumari Mahila Community Forest and its Users Forest Gundu VDC, ward no. 4 2
21 East Sankhusabha Forest Boundary and Economic Embezzlement Conflict Between Chichila Bedbari CF and Users Group Forest Diding-05, Rakhadbari
22 East Sankhusabha Boundary conflict between Kalika CFUG and its User Forest Chainpur-18
23 East Bhojpur Boundary Conflict between Bhalukhop CFUG and Khumtingsagwala CFUG Forest Pancha-9 and Thidinkha- 6
24 East Dhankuta Forest Boundary and Ownership Conflict between Ramche CF and Users Group Forest Ramche VDC-3
25 East Dhankuta Conflict About Utilization of Forest and Economic Resource of Patalesanne CF Forest Belahara-03
26 Mid Sunsari Conflict Regarding Ownership of Land Among Santinagari CFUG, Sarawoti CFUG and Lake Development and Conservation Committee Land Itahari- 2&3
27 East Sunsari Boundary Conflict between Karkichhap CFUG & Kalikhola Jaldhar Hariyali CFUG Forest Bishnupaduka-1
28 East Jhapa Land Use Conflict Between Janata Secondary School and Farmers Land Bahundangi- 05
29 East Jhapa Land Use Conflict between School Chaun H. S.S. and Farmers Land
30 East Sarlahi Conflict Regarding Overlapping of Forest Boundary between Harihar Chhetra CFUG, Nilkamal CFUG and Komendro CFUG Forest Karmaiya 2&4,Sindhuli kyaneswor 8 jhapsi, Sindhuli kyaneshor 8 kauwa
31 East Sarlahi Conflict Among Janata Primay School, Farmers and Landless Regarding Land Lease Amount Land Janakinagar 7
32 East Sarlahi Land Encroachment of Laxminath Chitain Community Forestry by Farmars. Land
33 East Dhankuta Land Encroachment Conflict between Banjho CFUG and Users Land
34 East Dhankuta Land Encroachment Conflict between Bhalukhop Singh Devi CFUG and Users Land
35 East Jhapa Land Use Conflict between Janaadarsha HHS and Farmars Land Shivagunj
36 East Jhapa Land Use Conflict between BhanuHSS and Farmars Land Laxmipur