STCBW, Kanchanpur

STCBW, Kanchanpur Published date: 4 and 5 October, 2015

The Spider Team Capacity Building Workshop has been successfully organized in leadership conflict of Kalika CFUG, Kanchanpur. The workshop was held on 4th and 5th October, 2015 at the office of Kalika Pragati Community Forest User Group, Jhalaripipaladi municipality 8, Beldandi, Kanchanpur with the 31 participates inclusive Regional Coordinator (Arjun Karki), Natural Resource Person (Dharmananda Panta) and Local Facilitator (Prem Chaudhari, Laxmi Saud and Bishal Chaudhary) with an objective to train spider team to act as facilitator/mediator to facilitate in transforming the conflict. The workshop was started in the informal way by Secretary (Hirendra Air) of Kalika Community Forest. The spiders were oriented about NRCTC-N and its conflict transformation steps through mountain roadway poster with discussion on the 1st day.  The second day of workshop began with the review of previous day and then the spiders were clarified about their role and responsibility, discussed on how to act as a facilitator and how will the spider group work in the upcoming days. The concept of conflict escalation was made clear through an act, poster, play, pictures and through knowledge sharing between participants and facilitator. After finishing the section of second day, the spiders discussed together and 15 spiders decided to work daily as a volunteer in process to transform the conflict. Other spiders committed to help in needy days. Then the spiders and local facilitator discussed about the time, date and place to perform upcoming meeting to plan about how to run field based process.