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STCBW, Doti Published date: Dec 29, 2015

Two days Spider Team Capacity Building Workshop has been organized successfully as part of Natural Resource Conflict Transformation Process in the conflict of Gairgada Community Forest of Bagalek VDC, Doti on December 28 and 29, 2015. The workshop the training hall of Masteshwor Lower Secondary School, Bagalek VDC-9, Doti and altogether 16 people participated in the workshop inclusive of 14 from conflicted parties, 1 local facilitator and 1 national resource person. The program was conducted and facilitated by Radhika Bohara, local facilitator of NRCTC-N and Lok Bahadur Thapa, NRP of NRCTC-N.

The conflict between user group of lower Muchoantala-8 and upper Muchoantala-9 regarding either to unify or separate The Gairgada Community Forest of Bagalek VDC has been run since 2012. The Gairgada CFUG was registered in District Forest Office of Doti and renewing of CFUG was in track. But once, a Jumli paid Rs. 29,600 to upper Muchoantala as a compensation for grazing sheep in the community forest area. Users of lower Muchoantala argue to keep that amount of money in the committee, and then the conflict between both communities erupted. The conflict became violent when one of the party registered the case in District Forest Office.

In the past, to solve the dispute, local intellectual person and District Forest Office had initiated time to time discussion, though agreement could not be attained. Now the transformation process has been implemented in the conflict for its complete transformation. Following the steps of conflict transformation process, spiders were identified from both parties however the final committee yet to be formulated. Based on the agreement made between both parties, after the spider team capacity building workshop the committee will be finalized.