Process Proposal; Sarlahi

Process Proposal; Sarlahi Published date: Dec. 12, 2015

Process proposal on conflict transformation process has been passed through a joint meeting in the conflict of land between Shree Bandevi Community Forest and Farmers who farm in the community forest area of Lalbandi Municipality, ward no. 6 and 5, Sarlahi. The joint meeting was organized on December 12, 2015 including a mass of 300 participants from conflicting parties, local people, NRP and LF of NRCTC-N and representatives from various stakeholder organizations at Pani Tanki Chautara, Hirapur of Lalbandi municipality. This meeting has passed the following 21 points on process proposal.

  1. In the meeting of Natural Resources Conflict Transformation Process, all people will behave each other respectfully.
  2. All the related people with conflict will actively participate in the meeting as per need.
  3. The spider team will not discriminate any party or stakeholder in respect to ethnicity, language, religion, culture, relationship and political belief.
  4. The pre preparation about date, location, time and chief guest to organize and manage the joint meeting will be set through the agreement of all parties.
  5. Each joint meeting will be managed through khaat method.
  6. While running the conflict transformation process, any kind of activity and work that will enhance the conflict will be stopped.
  7. The conflict transformation process will be run in unbiased, transparent, inclusiveness, justice, trustful and participatory way.
  8. The joint meeting will be organized only in public place.
  9. Through the process, the win-win situation will be created for all parties and stakeholders.
  10. The activity or work that is in contrary with the prevalent law of Nepal will not be performed.
  11. All the participates of meeting will place their own perspectives in independent way.
  12. If there will be creation of new circumstances related to conflict, the related party will inform the spider team as soon as possible.
  13. The managed work plan by spider team and received new stuffs from other parties or stakeholder will be informed to related group.
  14. The related parties or stakeholders will not discriminate spider team in any way.
  15. The farmers will not encroach forest area than present situation and will not build any more houses in area of forest.
  16. During the period of conflict transformation process, the activities like buying, selling and ploughing of forest area will not be done.
  17. In the course of process conduction, the forest destruction will be stopped and forest conservation will be preceded in participation of all parties.
  18. The framers will not be enforced by forest office and other stakeholders to stop to farm in present ploughed land and to remove houses of forest land.
  19. We all political parties will fully assist to accomplish conflict transformation process.
  20. We all will implement mentioned oath with strictness.
  21. The discussion will be performed through mediation process if needed, to improve the personal relationship in the participation of related people.