Process Proposal; Kanchanpur

Process Proposal; Kanchanpur Published date: September 12, 2015

A joint meeting has been held to pass the process proposal in the conflict between Pragati Women’s CFUG and proposed Shidhanath Youth Club regarding delineating forest area for the playground and controlling open grazing in the forest area. The joint meeting was held on 12 September, 2015 at Jhalari Pipladi Municipality – 8, Kanchanpur. Total 92 people participated in the joint meeting which passed the following points on the process proposal:

  1. The solution to this conflict will be identified through dialogue based on the conflict transformation program implemented by NRCTC-N.
  2. The issues of all concerned parties will be addressed through the common issue which will be passed through the joint meeting; all agreeable alternatives to the common issue will be identified and the agreement will be implemented properly.
  3. All the decisions taken during the conflict transformation process will be done in a participatory way ensuring that no one is left out of the decision making process.
  4. All the activities of conflict transformation program will be performed in a transparent way without hiding any details from anyone.
  5. The conflict facilitators and the spider team will not be biased.
  6. The date, venue, time of meeting and joint meetings will be decided in a participatory way.
  7. While working through the conflict transformation process, all parties should be concerned not to say insulting words or behave in way that could hurt people and soil their reputation in the society.
  8. The conflict transformation process takes time, so all concerned parties should make time for meetings and actively participate in meetings informed by the spiders.
  9. All joint meetings will be managed following the ‘Khat’ approach.
  10. Until the conflict is transformed, the disputed area will not be harmed by any party.
  11. All concerned parties will cooperate to pass the common issue in this conflict by the end of September, 2015 and pass the agreement in this conflict by the mid of November, 2015.
  12.  All concerned parties and stakeholders should actively participate to implement the conflict transformation process smoothly.