Process Proposal, Kalika CFUG

Process Proposal, Kalika CFUG Published date: 21 Nov. 2015

The joint meeting to pass process proposal in the conflict of Kalika CFUG was held on 21 November, 2015 at Jhalaripipaladi municipality 8, Beldandi, Kanchanpur. Altogether 89 participants inclusive of Suraj Bahadur Saud as a chairman (member of spider team), Dharma Bista as a chief guest (secretary of CFUG), Laxmi Saud as a guest of FECOFUN, other guests of CFUG, community members, LF and NRP were present in the meeting. The meeting run by NRP Dharmand Pant was inaugurated by Hirendra Air, member of spider team. Other spider team members Kalawati Air presented draft of process proposal in front of all participants which was made ready by spider team after frequent discussions among conflict associated parties. Following the open discussion on process proposal draft, the meeting has passed following 12 points of process proposal in all consent with clapping hands;
1. The conflict will be transformed sustainably by mutual discussion and dialogues with community members following the conflict transformation process.
2. Following the conflict transformation process, the common issues of conflict associated parties will be identified with the facilitation of spider team and it will be passed through joint meeting and again by mutual discussion with concerned parties, common alternatives will be identified and will be passed and implemented in another joint meeting.
3 All associated people will be involved in decision making which is in compliance with the process. It should be kept in mind that no one will be left out in decision making process.
4. The entire activities that will be happened in conflict transformation process will be transparent and nothing will be hidden from any one.
5. The spider team and facilitator who work in process will be unbiased and rather than by being intact with one party, conflict will be facilitated in the welfare of all by being neutral.
6. All the discussion date either big or small, venue, time or all things will be decided on the participation of respected parties.
7. While running the process, each party should consider another party’s respect and reputation. The behavior and word will not be used that will hurt other.
8. The time will be consumed while working in accordance with the process, so each party should give time as per need and should actively participated in fixed discussion.
9. Each joint meeting will be run in managed way by Khath Method
10. No work will be done that will hamper boundary area up to when the conflict will be transformed.
11. We will try to get agreement up to last of Mangsir, 2072 in common issue and up to last of Poush, 2072 in common alternatives but only when there will be welfare of all parties.
12. To facilitate the process smoothly, directly involved and concerned parties of the conflict will have active participation and support in entire process.
In the meeting all invited guests expressed their best wishes for successful transformation of the conflict. The chief guest, Dharma Bista gave his statement as, I knew this process as different from existing ways because in this process no one has been left out and all activities done in fair and transparent way. Let’s be together in this sacred work and learn more things through this process and also teach to others. The chairman, Suraj Bahadur Saud, gave his statement as, the frowsty conflict of Kalika Community forest has now came out. NRCTC-N has been cooperating to bring out the dispute and trying to calm down mutual dispute by bringing the community together through the medium of spider team. The people who are working to mediate the community are doing great things. From this, we have to learn many things. He said, all of you make me organizer of spider team, me too want to mediate a conflict of community, I am feeling like I have found god in search of stone and I hope all of you will help me to solve the conflict.
With the speech of the Chairman, Suraj Bahadur Saud, the meeting was concluded successfully by passing 12 points of process proposal of Kalika Community Forest conflict.