Process Proposal; Doti

Process Proposal; Doti Published date: Jan 8, 2016

The process proposal on conflict regarding unifying or separating Gairgada Community Forest of Bagalek VDC, Doti has been passed through a joint meeting organized on January 8, 2016 amid mass of 151 participants from conflicting parties, political party representative, forest official, local people, NRP and LF of NRCTC-N and ther representatives from various stakeholder organizations at Mastamadu Chaur of Bagalek VDC-9, Doti. The joint meeting was conducted in the chairmanship of Shree Maan Badhaur Saud, social helper and oldest citizen. This meeting has passed the following 12 points on process proposal.

  • As per Natural Resources Conflict Transformation Process, the solution will be searched in the agreement of all through the medium of mutual dialogues.
  • While participating in joint meeting, each will give his/her view in turn by turn basis in soft and admiration language.
  • In the joint meeting, whispering, participating by using alcoholic drink, making noise is prohibited. If any person makes a noise then the respected group of that person will make him/her silence by convincing.
  • The things conducted in the meeting of conflict transformation process will be transparent and no one will be deprived from decision making process.
  • The people who work in the process should be unbiased.
  • The subject matter discussed in the meeting and other individual’s matter should not be exposed to any other person.
  • Conflicted parties, spider team, local facilitators and other related parties with conflict will give time as per necessity of conflict transformation process.
  • Any parties should respect, regard and take care of prestige of another party while conducting this process; and no one will behave and use word that will hurt other.
  • Any disagreed things should be kept in meeting of conflict transformation process in open and clear way by remaining within the boundary rule of meeting.
  • The date, time and place to organize joint meeting as well as parties meeting will be determined in spider team meeting and will be informed to all. Moreover, the joint meeting will be conducted through Khaat method.
  • If any work came to any parties after fixing date and place of joint meeting, the information will be given to all respected parties and the meeting will be conducted as per their convenience.
  • If there will be creation of any new circumstances related to conflict, the related party will inform the spider team or facilitator as soon as possible and all parties will initiate to solve the problem.