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Joint Meeting to Pass Common Alternatives; Banke

Joint Meeting to Pass Common Alternatives; Banke

Joint Meeting to Pass Common Alternatives; Banke Published date: February 2, 2015

The Land Encroachment Conflict of Babhanpurvaa Community Forest of Banke district has been transformed with agreement on common alternatives through a joint meeting organized on February 2, 2015. The joint meeting was facilitated by a spider team member Mr. Tek Bahadur Malla; Chairperson of the program was the coordinator of spider group, Mr. Motilal Budhathoki; other guests in the program were political party representatives from Nepali Congress, UML, U/Maoist, Madheshi Janadhikar Forum; representatives from stakeholders such as FECOFUN, Kamdi Ilaka Police Office, National Farmers Union Council, Land Rights Forum, Coordination Committee etc. were also present at the program. The joint meeting passed the following common alternatives:

  1. All parties should actively participate for the development and conservation of Babhanpurvaa CF.
  2. The land of Babhanpurvaa CF that have been cultivated from 2064/65 BS should be afforested.
  3. Until the actual landless people are identified by the government and settled elsewhere, the CFUG shall not do the conflict causing activities.
  4. The stakeholders (political parties and Land Rights’ Forum) should immediately take an initiative to ensure the livelihood of the actual landless.
  5. To stop deforestation and forest degradation, fence and trench should be managed.
  6. Avoid dual users by listing users to be included in CFUG and the list will be submitted in the annual general assembly of CFUG.
  7. The cultivated land cannot be sold, partitioned or handed over to others through any other means.
  8. All parties should be active to stop further encroachment.
  9. In case of issues during implementation of any agreed points, then such issues will be resolved under mutual agreement.

This joint meeting also constituted a seven membered Monitoring Committee to support and coordinate in the implementation of agreed points. The Monitoring Committee is constituted of following member:

  1. 2 members from Bhavanpurvaa CFUG
  2. 2 members from Landless people
  3. 1 member from Kamdi Coordination Committee
  4. 1 member from Kamdi Ilaka Police Office
  5. 1 member from Forest Office.