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Conflict Transformed; Kanchanpur

Conflict Transformed; Kanchanpur

Conflict Transformed; Kanchanpur Published date: June 3; 2015

The conflict among Ramnagar CFUG, Sitanagar CFUG and Udayapur flood victims regarding the encroachment of community forest area for settlement has been transformed with a 7 points agreement. This conflict was initiated around 2008 when the massive flood in Doda River inundated the settlement area in Shreepur 1 (now Belauri Municipality 7) and the displaced community took shelter in the community forest area between Ramnagar and Sitanagar CFUGs. Since then the CFUGs have been blaming the flood victims for encroachment and degradation of forest area, while the flood victims has been urging the local authorities for safe shelter. After years of arguments and struggles, the community has finally found peace with the transformation of this conflict following the natural resource based conflict transformation process. The seven point agreement was passed through a joint meeting held on June 3, 2015 at Ramnagar, Belauri Municipality-7. Around 200 people representing the conflicting parties, local stakeholders participated in the joint meeting; the joint meeting was chaired by Parbati Rana, spider team member; Chief guest was Deepak Raj Bhatt, Senior Program Officer of NRCTC-N; other guests were representatives from political parties like Nepali Congress, CPN/UML, CPN/U Maoist, CPN/Maiost, representative from Civil Ward Forum, Range Post Federation etc.

Following are the agreed points:

  1. All parties should unite to coordinate with the concerned agencies to build embankment in the Doda River.
  2. Coordination with District and Ilaka forest office will be done to renew the operational plans of Ramnagar and Sitanagar CFUG, so that they will be allowed to use the forest resource.
  3. All users should make toilets at their home and the Udayapur flood victims should perform all activities in coordination with the CFUG and stakeholder agencies.
  4. Until embankment is not built in the Doda River, the Udayapur flood victims will be allowed to live in the area without further encroaching the forest area; if in case embankments are not constructed in the Doda river for a long time period, all parties will coordinate with concerned agencies to find permanent settlements in other area.
  5. To control soil erosion, the barren lands in the forest areas and the banks of river will be afforested and soil will not be removed from erosion risky areas.
  6. The CFUG will provide necessary wood for funeral pyre, worships, and festivities to the Udayapur flood victims.
  7. A five membered inclusive monitoring committee will be constituted to monitor the implementation of agreement.