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Conflict Transformed; Bhojpur

Conflict Transformed; Bhojpur

Conflict Transformed; Bhojpur Published date: June 25; 2015

The boundary conflict between Khumtingsagwala CFUG and Bhalukhop CFUG of Bhojpur district has been transformed. This conflict was started in 2009 on a very small issue of one of the user from Bhalukhop CFUG being accused of using forest resource of Khumtingsagwala CFUG; since these two community forests are attached to each other, such kind of issues were bound to be raised but this particular issue divided the community so much that the Forest Ranger had to prohibit users from both sides from using forest resource from the disputed area. Such kind of legal action seemed to resolve the conflict for a while, but it was not a long-term solution. Village federation Thidinga, Ilaka Forest Office, and Ilaka Police Offce for security also tried so many times to manage the conflict but they couldn’t. Hence upon receiving information about this conflict and getting request from the District Forest Office Bhojpur, the conflict facilitator of NRCTC-N started working on this conflict from February 2014. Following various steps of conflict transformation, this conflict has been transformed with the passing of common alternatives on June 25, 2015. The joint meeting to pass the common alternatives was organized at the ground of Shree Panchakanya School, Thidinkha VDC – 6 amid around 60 participants including users from both CFUGs, representatives from Ilaka forest office, Village federation.

The agreed points are as follows:

  1. Both CFUG will use the forest resource in their own respective areas only.
  2. The trees fell on the disputed land will be divided based on the CFUG boundary.
  3. Both CFUG will pay half of NRs. 12,000 to fire victim Mr. Lal Bahadur Basnet within August, 2015 to compensate his expenses in cutting timber.
  4. Both CFUGs will learn from the past mistakes, and move ahead with improved relationship.
  5. The operational plan of both CFUG needs to be renewed for the fiscal year 2072/73; upon renewal of the operational plan, both CFUG will provide timber to the fire victim Mr. Lal Bahadur Basnet.