Common Issue; Sunsari

Common Issue; Sunsari Published date: September 5, 2015

A joint meeting has been organized to pass the common issue in the Conflict Regarding Ownership of Wet Land among Santinagari CFUG, Sarawoti CFUG and Lake Development and Conservation Committee. The joint meeting was held on September 5, 2015 at Taltalaiya Itahari 2, 3, Sunsari. Total 89 people participated in the joint meeting; the meeting was chaired by President of Lake Development and Conservation Committee; guests in the program were Chief of Sector Forest Office Dharan, Secretatry of FECOFUN Sunsari, East Regional Coordinator of NRCTC-N, and Assistant Forest Officer among others. The passed common issue was “How to conserve, manage and develop the community forest areas handed over to Shantinagari CFUG and Saraswoti CFUG while securing the rights of its users and delineating the areas under the Lake Development and Conservation Committee and sustainably developing that wetland area as a touristic destination?”