Common Issue; Kanchanpur

Common Issue; Kanchanpur Published date: September 28, 2015

Amid spiraling tensions across the country, the conflict facilitators in Kanchanpur district are continually putting their efforts to create an enabling environment for constructive dialogue, leading to the prevention of conflict and the promotion of social cohesion by uniting people in conflict transformation process. In the process of transformation of conflict in Pragati Women’s CFUG and proposed Shidhanath Youth Club regarding delineating forest area for the playground and controlling open grazing in the forest area, a joint meeting has been organized to pass the common issue. The meeting was organized at Jhalari Pipladi Municipality – 8, Beldangi, Kanchanpur on September 28, 2015 in presence of 109 people from the conflicting parties, spiders, stakeholders and local people. This joint meeting has passed the following common issue:

“How to manage the community forest sustainably ensuring judicial distribution of forest products, controlling open grazing, and delineating the boundary of community forest and playground through inclusive participation?”