Case Transformed; Sunsari

Case Transformed; Sunsari Published date: Dec 26, 2015

The forest area overlapping conflict between Karkichhap Brichyaropan CFUG and Kalikhola Jaladhar and Forest Conservation Committee has been successfully transformed with an agreement passed through the joint meeting organized on 26 December, 2015 at Bhagwati Lower Secondary School, Dharan, Sunsari; total 60 people including the conflicting parties, local people and related stakeholders participated in the joint meeting. The chairperson of the meeting was Shree Jhamtaman Limbu, consultant of Kalikhola Jaladhar and Forest Conservation User Committee. The common alternatives passed through this joint meeting are as follows:

  • Karkichhap Brichyaropan CFUG and Kalikhola Jaladhar and Forest Conservation Committee will be jointly integrated into one CFUG and will be named as Karkichhap Kalikhola CFUG so as to diminish the realization of integration.
  • In the CFUG’s working committee, the main committee will be organized with the 21 members on the basis of 49/51%. The representative from both parties will be selected through mass agreement from their own group on the basis of geography and inclusiveness and the selected representative of both parties will be accepted through mass gathering on the presence of both groups.
  • The amount that is in the fund of both committees will be made transparent and exposed in their own group before integration of groups.
  • The cost i.e. Rs. 3551 fixed by karkichhap to bound member of CFUG will be modified by making appropriate for both parties and the users who are left to take membership should be bounded in membership within 3 month after organization of main committee.
  • The cost for drinking water, forest conservation, raring and development will be fixed by main committee for users that are bounded in community forest but the cost will be taken as per mentioned in general assembly or constitution for those who are not bounded in the community forest.
  • By considering forest management, conservation, raring and development of community forest, 2 or 3 sub-committee can be organized as per need. But the decision of main committee will be the last decision for sub-committee.