Case Transformed; Kanchanpur

Case Transformed; Kanchanpur Published date: March 26, 2016

The common alternatives on conflict transformation have been passed through a joint meeting in the conflict regarding boundary of land and nursery between Milan Hariyali Women’s Group and Jokhim Niyantran Women’s Group of Daiji 5 Bhamka, Kanchanpur. The joint meeting was organized on March 24, 2016 amidst 129 participants from conflicting parties, local people and representatives from various stakeholder organizations in Betkot Community Forest’s Office, Chaurmaidan, Betkot- 3 Vamka, Kanchanpur. The meeting was held in the chairmanship of Gomati Kunwar, spider team member; chief guest was Shivaraj Awasti, Ranger of Betkot Ilaka Forest office and Special Guest was Laxmi Saud, Chairman of FECOFUN- Kanchanpur. This meeting has passed following 8 points of agreement on common alternatives.

  • The boundary will be identified in collaboration with the land owners whose land was joined with the nursery by considering the initially afforested area as a basis.
  • With the discussion among representative of local intelligence group the boundary of nursery and land will be identified.
  • Through the identification of nursery boundary, the process will be initiated to register nursery area in the community forest in the help of forest technician.
  • The women’s committee will be elected in the proportional approach in the way that all i.e. three communities will be included.
  • If any problems rise during the process of registration of nursery, the method to solve the problem will be searched through mutual discussion.
  • The afforestation will be done in the bare area of nursery so as to maintain greenery along with, the focus will be given to plant bamboo, broom grass, reed and thatch grass in the area where there is a high risk of flood and land slide.
  • The collaboration will be done with concerned stakeholder for management of bamboo for the displaced households by flood.
  • For the implementation of agreed points, time and again there will be communication, coordination and discussion with conflict solving and mapping committee along with other concerned organization