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Case Transformed; Kailali

Case Transformed; Kailali

Case Transformed; Kailali Published date: May 27, 2016

A joint meeting has been organized at Chautar Community Forest of Vajani Trishakti Municipality- 4, Kailali on May 27, 2016 to pass the common alternatives in the conflict regarding land ploughing of community forest area between Shree Kandra CF and ploughing party of Milanpur village.  The joint meeting was conducted in the participation of 70 people representing the conflicting parties and stakeholders. The program was conducted in the chairmanship of Sitrani Chaudhary, representative of Madeshi Loktantrik Forum; the chief guest in the program was Shambhu Singh, chairman of Vajani Unit Forest Office; the special guest was Devendra Bhatta, chief of boundary police. After open discussion on the draft of common alternatives, this joint meeting has passed three points of common alternatives in all consent;

  • If the land of Shree Kandra Community Forest found to be ploughed by farmers of Milanpur village, the land which is within the boundary of CF will be bounded by CF while renewing the forest.
  • While bounding the land of community forest within itself, we ploughing party of Milanpur village will leave that land without any hindrance and barrier.
  • We both parties comply to follow the above mentioned points with willingness