Case Transformed; Sarlahi

Case Transformed; Sarlahi Published date: March 16, 2016

The conflict among Janata Primary School of Janakinagar-7, farmers of Janakinagar-9 and landless people of Janakinagar-9 of Sarlahi regarding land lease amount has been transformed with an agreement passed through a joint meeting organized on 16 March, 2016. The joint meeting was held on the ground of Janata Primary School, Janakinagar-7, Sarlahi which was chaired by Chairman of Janakinagar VDC, Mr. Krishna Kafle; Chief Guest was Chief of District Forest Office, Sarlahi, Mr. Naresh Thakuri; other guests in the program were representatives from Ilaka Police Office, Ilaka Forest Office, School Management Committee, Local Peace Committee, political party representatives, social activists etc. The common alternatives passed through this joint meeting are as follows:

  • The Ranger Office’s contractor of land plougher, Mr. Dinesh Rai with ploughing farmers should vacant the land within Baishak of BS 2073 and the land should be afforested in the month of Ashar with the mutual collaboration. The inclusive committee consisting four main posts will be organized in the participants of convenient users of ward num. 7, 8, 9 and 4. This committee will be responsible for preparing constitution of work plan with the help of forest office along with to make hand over of CFUG. Moreover, this committee will have to expense the income of forest as per rule of community forest in the development of Janata Primary School of Janakinagar- 7.
  • The post of teacher is vacant at Janata primary School.  To fulfill the post for upgrading the education level, the post for teacher will be demanded in collaboration of Secretary of VDC, School Management committee, Principal, Local Political Parties along with all parents. This will be initiated in District Education Office, Sarlahi and Mr. Dinesh Rai will be recruited in the relief teacher’s quota in uncontroversially manner.
  • Those who owe land in another place but residing by making house in the land of Ranger Office should transfer to their own land as soon as possible. In addition, those who is real landless refugee will be given to reside their by limiting in maximum ten household and should vacant that place serially by managing in other place.
  • Previously the land which was in the name of Megh Kumari Upadhya and for some period was in the name of ploughing of school and presently in the name of Bijaya Khanal; from these land, the land of 2 kattha which can be merged with the land of school will be given to Janata Primary School in a written form within last of Ashar, BS 2073.
  • The land and property which is in the name of Janata Primary School should be conserved well and the administration of school should be conducted actively in transparent, participatory, inclusive and justifiable way.
  • There will be no dispute in relation to the subject matter like appointment of relief teacher, Mr. Uttam kafle, 600 cubic wood, construction of new building of school and the contracted amount that should be submitted to school by ploughman from BS 2065.