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Agreement in Conflict Case

Agreement in Conflict Case

Agreement in Conflict Case Published date: May 23, 2015

After a yearlong continuous effort, the Conflict Regarding Land Used for Nursery between Jyoti and Jamuna Womens’ Group and Baijanath Youth Club of Kanchanpur district has been successfully transformed with a four point agreement among conflict associated parties. The joint meeting to pass common alternatives has been organized at Daiji-3, Polkhari on May 23, 2015.  The meeting was conducted in the participation of 54 people representing the conflicting parties and stakeholders; the program was conducted in the Chairmanship of spider group member Radha Joshi, the Chief Guest in the program was Laxmi Saud, President of FECOFUN Kanchanpur, the main guest was Shivaraj Awasthi, Ranger from Betkot Area Forest Office. . After open discussion on the draft of common alternatives, this joint meeting passed the following common alternatives:

The agreed points

  1. The process of registering the Nursery area as Community Forest will be initiated.
  2. A club will not be formed since we do not have a capable leader right now.
  3. A committee with five people each from both communities will be formed to delineate the Nursery Area.
  4. The households nearby the Nursery will be included in users group.